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“Vtech, I received and installed the rear trailing arm assemblies and they work fantastic!  I am so happy that my 75 is finally back on the road and can actually receive an alignment after who know how many years it’s been since it’s last alignment.  My mechanic couldn't tell if they were rebuilt or brand new, that’s how good a job you guys did.  I am extremely happy with these parts and will definitely order from you guys again in the future”.
Emmet P LaJuaune III, Jefferson, LA

"I own a 1963 Corvette Roadster and take great pride in a faithful restoration of my driver myself. It wasn’t very long before I realized I would need some expert mid year specific technical service to handle the jobs beyond my skill set.

I met the owner of Vtech Corvette through the Northern Illinois Corvette Club and learned more about the company.  Vtech specializes in servicing 63 through 82 corvettes. Vtech (owner) is involved in a lot of the work himself and is expert in all aspects of repair, rebuilding, and restoration. He also owns an awesome 66 coupe that eats C5’s for lunch at auto cross events. 

Whether your corvette is an NCRS car or a driver "like mine" Vtech Corvette has complete knowledge and has all the professional equipment to do the work you want done, promptly and correctly.

I would not trust my mid -year service to anyone else. With Vtech's service, my Sting Ray is completely reliable. I make all the "corvette clubs events" and easily cruise with the newer corvettes, turning heads like only an old Sting Ray can."
Bob Manzer, Kirkland Illinois

"I had Vtech Corvette replace all the wiring harnesses on my 1963 Corvette Roadster and they did a great job. Throughout the process Vtech Corvette would contact me about the progress and any other potential problems he uncovered when working on the car. It certainly saved me future problems. When I got the car back everything was in working order and I never had to go back for any issues.They also did a great job replacing all the old carpeting for me since much of it had to be taken up to work on the harnesses."
Harry Pointon
Northern Illinois Corvette Club

Vtech Corvette, LLC
4871 Hydraulic Road
Rockford, Illinois 61109

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These are satisfied customers ranging from restoration, trailing arms, differentials, and core returns.
"I am the original owner of a 1964 Corvette Roadster with matched numbers.   I compared a restoration of my car in 1989 and now.  Simply put,  there is no comparison to the quality and attention to detail constantly exhibited by Vtech Corvette during this full restoration.  Each part was closely evaluated to determine what needed to be replaced.  The parts and assembly match NCRS standards where my first restoration was not even close.  Vtech Corvette is guided by a highly experienced restorer and I cannot say enough about the quality of the restoration.  Vtech Corvette does outstanding work."
Richard F. James, Whitewater, Wisconsin

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“Vtech, I have recieved my rebuilt differential and have it installed. Thanks for doing a great job in the build and the detailing. Basically all I had to do was to remove the rear end from the box, add oil and bolt in!” 
Steve, Yulee, Florida

"Vtech,  Thanks for the core refund.  I won't have the remainder of the car put together and running for about a year but I'm sure all will test just fine".
"It was a pleasure dealing with your company for the first time, delivery and core refund were handled quickly and the rebuilt parts look like new.  I have three other Corvette's, so I'm sure we'll do business again in the future."  Thanks, 
Roger, San Diego, CA

"I own a 81 C3 and was looking for videos on  removing trailing arms. There are lots of videos out there but Vtech’s were by far the most  informative. I called Vtech,  spoke with the owner about my parts and was impressed with the willingness to share info and help with my project. Fortunately, Vtech is only about an hour and a half away, so I took  the control arms, trailing arms, strut rods and differential to have Vtech completely rebuild them, including changing the gear ratio and rebuilding the posi unit.  

When I got there with the parts, I was immediately impressed again with how clean and organized the shop was. The turnaround time was amazing, about one week later Jim called and told me my parts are ready. They actually looked like new parts, the attention to detail was above and beyond what I expected, everything  was immaculate, even the bolt holes were tapped and cleaned.                                                                          
Thanks Vtech for an awesome job!  A company like yours is very hard to find with quality and pride in everything you do. Thanks again Vtech for making the underneath of my Vette look better than when it was new".          
Bill Tisberger, Normal, IL    
trailing arms, control arms, wheel bearing assemblies and differentials are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty!
"I have nothing but great things to say about Jim and the excellent work done by Vtech. They rebuilt the differential and trailing arms for my 78 Silver Anniversary Vette which is undergoing a complete restoration. The turn-around time was very short. Jim returned my emails and calls quickly. The combination of expertise, high standard of work, and communication is extremely hard to find these days. I recommend Vtech to anyone wishing the same for their project."
Mike Zeece, Lincoln Nebraska

"I sent my trailing arms to Vtech Corvette for rebuilding.  I was in a rush so they got them done and shipped back in 5 days.  Best of all they looked better than new!"
Tim Gilberson, Dallas, Texas  

I have a 1977 Corvette that I picked up in Michigan which had been stored in a barn for several years. Although the body and interior are in good shape and the car ran, I knew it was in dire need of suspension, brake and drive train work. After sitting for so long, things got really dried out and quite stiff. I looked for shops that would possibly do some of the work and then found Vtech Corvette and was even more surprised that they were right here in my area!
I met Jim at his shop (which is clean and organized) and told him what I had in mind and wanted to start with the trailing arms and half shafts. He explained everything that he would do in detail and would also let me know of anything else that he discovered during the teardown. As expected, there were some other issues that he called me on and we decided to do a differential rebuild and also upgrade to a composite spring instead of the old rusty leaf spring set up.
Once I saw the quality of work that was being done on the rear suspension, it took me no time to decide to do the front upper and lower control arms, brakes and suspension as well. This car is such a pleasure to drive now! It’s tight, smooth and most of all I know it’s safe! Jim and his crew are definitely on top of their game and I would recommend their services to any corvette owner who wants professional work done right. The entire experience exceeded my expectations and for future needs, I will definitely be back to see Jim at Vtech!
Pat Labunski, Loves Park,IL