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C2 Corvette - C2 and C3 Corvette restoration

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Vtech Corvette provides complete C2 and C3 Corvette restoration. Our suspension and restoration shop is your best source for quick and reliable service. Vtech Corvette provides rebuilds of Corvette trailing arms, wheel bearings, rear ends (differentials) control arms. Our service work is guaranteed. We care about the passion you have for your Corvette.

Vtech Corvette has over thirty years of Corvette rebuilding experience and Jim is an ASE Certified Master Technician.

Since you are dealing directly with the rebuilder, Vtech offers unbeatable prices, quality work and quick turnaround on orders. By dealing directly with the rebuilder, you eliminate some of the cost. Vtech Corvette is very competitive on parts and pricing.

If you are looking for a specific part for your C2 or C3 Corvette restoration, please call us, we have inventory (new or reconditioned) that is not listed in our online store!

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C3 Corvette Restoration Equipment

Aug 24, 2021 | Blogs, C3 Corvette Restoration

It’s easy to get caught up in the c3 corvette restoration process and lose sight of the big picture. You may be so focused on restoring c3 corvettes that you don’t take time to enjoy them or spend time with your family. The best way to avoid this is by having a c3 corvette restoration plan that works for you. This article will discuss gadgets every c3 Corvette restorer needs!



A creeper is an essential creeper for c3 corvette restoration because it allows you to keep your hands and feet on the ground, yet slide over to where you need them. One of my favorite things about these creepers is that they can be used as a seat!


Auto jack

This will make c3 corvette restoration much easier because they come in many different sizes and allow you to lift up cars without the worry of damage or injury. I highly recommend getting one with wheels so that it’s easy to move around.


Telescoping magnet

These magnets make retrieving lost hardware out from under vehicles very simple, especially when working alone. They also have great versatility which means multitasking is no problem for these little guys.


Hydraulic Jack

These jacks make c3 corvette restoration much easier because they have built-in lifting points which allow you to simply insert the lever where it needs to go without worry about compatibility with other types of equipment like floor jacks. I also enjoy how easy they are to store since all you need is a flat space!


Ratchet set

This tool can be used for loosening things as well as tightening them up again once finished with c Corvette restoration tasks so it’s great for c3 corvette restoration.


Crescent wrench

A crescent wrench is great for c3 corvette restoration work because it can be used on most nuts and bolts, making the job easier to do!


Screwdriver set

These are a must-have in any c3 corvette restoration kit or garage since they will help you remove screws from anything that needs fixing at home or your car project. The best part about these tools is how simple their design makes them so easy to use with minimal effort put forth by anyone getting started with c Corvette restorations projects.



In order to get the right look when completing c3 corvette restoration tasks, it’s important that all of those little dents are taken care of as soon as c3 Corvettes restoration is a delicate process, it requires the right tools to get all of those little fixes done.


C corkscrew

These are used for removing and reattaching c3 corvette parts with ease since they’re small enough to fit into tight spaces but strong enough to hold up most c Corvette components in place while getting them back on their original position – C corvette restoration projects require some very specific tools that can make your life easier when working on these cars.

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