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Some of the standard services that Vtech Corvette, LLC offers and the pricing are listed below.

Our trailing arms, control arms, wheel bearing assemblies, and Corvette differentials are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


 Corvette 63-82 Trailing Arm Rebuilding $370.00

Vtech Corvette completely inspects your core.  All arm parts are cleaned and the trailing arm is powder-coated. The unit is re-assembled with Mobil 1 synthetic grease, new Timken bearings/races/seals are blueprinted to exact specifications to .001 end play (plus / minus .001) new stainless parking brake kit, new emergency brake shoes, new cable guide, new spring cup,  new dust shield, new front bushing, and the spindles are machined with new wheel studs installed.

The spindle face is trued with the bearings journals so if a good rotor is installed it is easy to make it run true to the bearings.  We can provide you with new rotors for $65.00 per wheel. Repair and or exchange trailing arm units are available with a $250.00 core charge.  Indexing is FREE with the purchase of a rotor (a $25 value).  Cores must be rebuildable and be returned in 30 days.


Corvette 63-79 Differential Rebuild $1375.00

 Corvette 80-82 Differential Rebuild $1599.00

Rebuilding your core includes a new ring and pinion – AMERICAN MADE !!!

All parts are cleaned, inspected, and painted before assembly, including new bearings (Timken only), and new seals.  We rebuild the Posi unit with a new clutch pack and installed a new center pin.

The price does not include the $400 core charge.


▶ Corvette Control Arms

Vtech Corvette rebuilds both your upper and lower control arms.  Your core will be powder-coated black.  Installation of new bushings and new ball joints (riveted or bolted) are included.

For an additional $200, we can substitute Moog upper and lower ball joints

The cost for each upper control arm is $199.95 and the cost for each lower control arm is $249.95. $75 core charge.

Save money by rebuilding both the two upper and two lower control arms.  The cost for the set is $850.00.

In-stock exchanges are available!

 Corvette 63-82  Rear Wheel Bearing Assembly $270.00

Rebuilding your core includes a new dust shield, new bearings, and seals.

Repair/exchange units are available with a $175.00 core charge.


 Corvette 63-82  Rear Wheel Bearing Assembly with Parking Brake $290.00

Rebuilding your core includes a new dust shield, new bearings, and seals.

Repair/exchange units are available with a $175.00 core charge.

With parking brake shoes & hardware – mounting studs are reversed for easy installation. Repair/exchange units are available with a $175.00 core charge.


 Corvette Front Spindle Service (65-82) $185.00 Per Side

This service includes:

  • 1 – SU50 A/B/C/D Front Dust Shield
  • 1 –  Front Wheel Seal
  • 1 – WH 750 Wheel Stud Sets
  • 1 – Front Splash Shield Gasket

We disassemble the units, media blast the cast parts, inspect and clean the wheel bearings, replace the wheel seals, repack the bearings in Mobil 1 Synthetic grease, install new front splash shield gaskets with the correct color/year front brake shield.  We replace the front wheel studs and either paint the cast parts with cast blast or a natural coating to prevent rust.  Then it’s assembled and ready to install.  *Wheel bearings are additional.

If you are looking for a specific part, please call us, we have inventory (new or reconditioned) that is not listed in our store.

We also have gift certificates.  Simply call or email for payment options and we will email or mail you your gift certificate in time for the holidays or a special day.


*When you ship your trailing arms to Vtech Corvette, we suggest two separate cardboard boxes. Pack with extra cardboard or paper stuffing (no plastic peanuts please). Please note, that there is a shipping surcharge for items over 50 pounds with UPS and FedEx.