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Technical Information

All trailing arm spindles are QUALITY CHECKED for cracks for good threads.

They are then machined on the spindle face to run true with the bearing journals within .0005 thousands.  Our experience has shown that 75% of the original spindles do runout and need to be machined.  After the spindle is faced, it is easy to align a rotor to make it run true.  The lug nuts will hold the rotor on.   This works the same as riveting on the rotor and then match machine it, but also allows you to remove the rotor easily without having to drill out the rivets to check the emergency brakes.  We can also index the rotors to the spindles for an addtional $25.00 per wheel.

How long does the rebuild of trailing arms, control arms or differentials take?

About 7 to 10  business days.  Call for more information 815-262-1681.

To Determine the Condition of 1963-82 Rear Wheel Bearings
  1. Raise your Corvette and place 4 jack stands under the frame rails.
  2. Disconnect the half shafts and raise the rear wheels to allow the tires to turn freely.
  3. Block up the trailing arms to support the rear wheels and spin the rear wheels, while carefully listening for any squeaking or sounds that indicate roughness or binding in the rear wheel bearing assemblies.
  4. Remove the rear wheels from the Corvette and position the dial indicator so that the point is perpendicular to the outer wheel rotor surface. If the rivets have been removed be sure to bolt the rotor on with the lug nuts.
  5. Measure the movement by carefully prying the rotor (Remove the drum 63 and 64 cars and pry directly on the spindle) outwards with a large flat bladed screwdriver, then by prying inward with the screwdriver placed between the spindle flange and the inside of the trailing arm.
  6. If the measurement is less than .008 inch (factory specs), and the rotation of the wheel is very smooth, with no noise or binding, the bearings should be okay. But if your car has over 70,00 miles on it, it is probably time to rebuild the bearings anyway. We hold our setup to .001 plus / minus .001
Is this something (rebuild Corvette rear wheel bearings) I can do myself?

If you believe that the rear wheel bearings need to be rebuilt, can you do this yourself? You can but plan on spending about $800.00 on special tools if you don’t have them and a substantial amount of time (and possiblle frustration) if you have not done this type of rebuild before.

If needed, Vtech can provide you removal / installation assistance either by email or phone. Check our video page for more information.

Example of questions we get from our customers.

Q – How can I determine what ratio to use for my application? mph x gear ratio x trans ratio x 336 ÷ Tire
Diameter = RPM Tire Diameter

Example: 70 mph x 3.73 (gear ratio) x .67 (substitute 1 for .67 for manual transmission ratio)  (trans ratio) x 336 ÷ 27(tire diameter) = 2176 RPM

A – 70 mph with a 3.73 ring and pinion over drive transmission in 4th gear with a 27″ tire will perform at 2176 RPM

How to Measure Your Differential Yoke?

differential yoke - technical information