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Core Policy

We are not a box store! 

All cores are checked for rebuildable components. Non-rebuildable components will be deducted from the core charge.  The only way to tell if there are bad parts is to take the unit apart.   If the core is not rebuildable, you must pay to have it re-assembled and have it shipped back to you. There will be no charge if you do not want the core reassembled, you only have to pay the shipping charges to return the unit.

Cores must be returned within 30 days.

Trailing Arms

A deduction on the core charge will apply for bent, dented, rust rot, and exploded welds of the Arm.  The spindle must be straight with good threads, with no undersized bearing journals or torch marks.  The spindle housing must not have any broken ears, oversize bores, or ruined seal areas.  The caliper bracket must not be bent and have good threads.  Spindle flanges must be flat with no broken off bolts or missing threads.


A deduction on the core charge will apply for cracked cases, elongated pinion holes, torn up (gouged) carriers and cases, egg-shaped pinion shaft holes, broken ring gear bolts, and broken gears.

We do not accept welded  carrier or housing parts!

Rebuilt differentials can be used in 1963-1964 cars, but 1963-1964 cores cannot be returned for a refund.

Expedite your order by downloading the form.  Fill out and return with your order.

*Please help us expedite your credit!  Make sure all the paperwork is complete with your name, address, phone number, email address and year of car, put in envelope and attach to the trailing arm. We receive multiple shipments a day.  This way we can identify your unit to inspect it for a core refund. If you are sending a unit in ahead of time to be rebuilt, please make sure you identify your unit with your name, address, and phone number.  Save time, click on the yellow circle to download a form. Thank YOU!


When you ship your trailing arms to Vtech Corvette, we suggest two separate cardboard boxes.  Pack with extra cardboard or paper stuffing (no plastic peanuts please).   Please note, there is a shipping surcharge for items over 50 pounds with UPS and Fed Ex.