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Vtech Corvette provides complete C2 and C3 Corvette restoration. Our suspension and restoration shop is your best source for quick and reliable service. Vtech Corvette provides rebuilds of Corvette trailing arms, wheel bearings, rear ends (differentials) control arms. Our service work is guaranteed. We care about the passion you have for your Corvette.

Vtech Corvette has over thirty years of Corvette rebuilding experience and Jim is an ASE Certified Master Technician.

Since you are dealing directly with the rebuilder, Vtech offers unbeatable prices, quality work and quick turnaround on orders. By dealing directly with the rebuilder, you eliminate some of the cost. Vtech Corvette is very competitive on parts and pricing.

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Challenges On Vintage C3 Corvette Restoration

Feb 14, 2020 | Blogs, C3 Corvette Restoration

Regardless of their tie DNA, exemplary Corvettes are without a dislike of different Chevys. Their remarkable engineering and trend-setting innovations separate them from their Chevelle and Camaro cousins in great and bewildering ways—frequently at the same time.

That is the polarity of looking for and living with a vintage ‘Vette: For all the familiarities of the little square and huge square motors and Muncie gearboxes, the fiberglass structure and highlights like concealed headlamps and autonomous back suspension carry with them a whole new degree of thought, and request exceptional aptitudes for right consideration and taking care of.

Purchasing your first vintage C3 corvette restoration carries with it a solitary and uncommon proprietorship experience. to encourage the principal out of it, you’ve had to know precisely what you’re venturing into, additionally as be set up for support and fix quirks dissimilar to other American vehicles—and even with the difficulties, it’ll most likely despite everything snare you for an incredible rest.

A Bad “Birdcage” Might Be A Deal-Breaker

The huge incongruity with vintage Corvettes is that the supposition that, because of their fiberglass bodies, rust isn’t an issue, when it’s really the principal significant factor to consider, predictable with Werner. The 2 territories of concern are the edge and in this way, the “birdcage” structure is the basic system to which the body is connected.

Unavoidable consumption inside the birdcage is a more serious issue. you might want to run, not walk, far away from a vehicle with it, in light of the fact that the work hours and significant costs included handling it are high to the point that you basically may likewise discard the vehicle. for some individuals, and for about two or three the premier significant Corvette models, tending to birdcage rust bodes well.

The birdcage structure incorporates the windshield outline, entryway pivot column, entryway lock column, and along these lines the rockers. On C2 and C3 corvette restoration roadster models, it additionally consolidates a system for the rooftop. The rust might be a greater worry for C2 and C3 models—especially C3s, in light of their uncovered columns—yet it additionally influences C1 Corvettes. the issue is, the C1 rust is generally inside the rockers, which are totally encased by the body.

Bodywork And Paint

Early C3 Corvette restoration was gathered from numerous parts that were gotten together with strengthening lengths of fiberglass alluded to as holding strips. they need consistently been hard to fix; or, in any event, fix appropriately.

It’s a tedious procedure that necessities experience and aptitude. Throughout the years, many do-it-yourselfers and unpracticed body shops handled it the most straightforward ways they may, however, the outcomes regularly showed themselves in blemishes that viably demolished a vehicle’s general appearance.

Lopsided body holes and board flushness are the most significant pointers of not exactly excellent bodywork. Truly, it’s actually the plant resilience inside the adolescent were liberal, contrasted with today, yet Chevrolet really worked admirably of getting the holes even, and along these lines the boards in accordance with one another. Guaranteeing they’re made right once more, after a fix, requires some serious energy and a demanding eye for detail.

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