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Vtech Corvette provides complete C2 and C3 Corvette restoration. Our suspension and restoration shop is your best source for quick and reliable service. Vtech Corvette provides rebuilds of Corvette trailing arms, wheel bearings, rear ends (differentials) control arms. Our service work is guaranteed. We care about the passion you have for your Corvette.

Vtech Corvette has over thirty years of Corvette rebuilding experience and Jim is an ASE Certified Master Technician.

Since you are dealing directly with the rebuilder, Vtech offers unbeatable prices, quality work and quick turnaround on orders. By dealing directly with the rebuilder, you eliminate some of the cost. Vtech Corvette is very competitive on parts and pricing.

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New 2020 Corvette Differential Parts

May 10, 2020 | Blogs, Corvette Differential

By now, I am certain all of you realize in regards to the amazingly low starting price of this car Corvette differential price and it is one of the greatest capabilities so it’s going to bring us to our quantity one feature that puts this automobile out in front in regards to supercars. The official pricing is not in just yet, but we were told on reveal evening that this automobile will get started under 60k that is nevertheless a wonderful value for what you get with this car.

New C8 Corvette Differential

If you quit and contemplate it, this automobile is going to offer just about 500 horsepower out of a naturally aspirated engine, a dual-clutch transmission that is a thing you typically only obtain in supercars that start out inside the 100’s of a large number of dollar range, and we’re going to acquire this automobile for beneath 60k. This C8 Corvette is going to take down cars that cost four to five occasions as considerably. And that is the price of upkeep. This is a thing that most Corvette owners have not had to think about in the past due to the fact it is always been effortless to retain yourself. With the C8 Corvette going mid-engine it changes loads of specifics in relation to upkeep. It is much more complex to maintain a mid-engine car as a result of exactly where plenty of the typical maintenance components are located on the engine and the placement on the engine within the vehicle.

Positive Aspects of C8 Corvette

Effectively, with the C8 it’s a distinctive story, we’ve been shown recently that the underside from the automobile features a cut out for exactly where the oil filter goes and an access panel for where the oil drain plugs are that is awesome. The automobile is going to become price efficient and so would be the upkeep. Even when you didn’t wish to do any type of maintenance on your own Corvette differential auto, the oil filter and drain plugs being this very easily accessible would cut down the price to spend an individual else to do it at the same time so it’s a win for everybody involved regardless of your thoughts on doing it oneself type upkeep. Ask a Lamborghini owner when is definitely the final time they changed their own oil, superior, however, ask them after they did not spend handsomely to possess a person do it for them.

Maybe the front finish lift. Any person with a low car has mentioned on a hundred occasions how badly a function like this is required on a vehicle like the Corvette and GM listened for their Corvette differential characteristics. We now have this option available for the C8 Corvette and it is going to permit individuals to finally put one in their garage no matter how steep their driveway is. Even though this option is not common around the C8 and it does need to be added as a solution, it really is likely to be a fraction of the cost of such an alternative around the comparable Ferrari and Lamborghini models.

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