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1980-1982 Differential


$1599.95 each plus a $400.00 core charge.

This is a 3:54 gear ratio.

Any other gear ratio please contact us


1980-1982 Differential comes with a 3:54 gear. New TINKEN BEARINGS and seals, NEW GEAR SET, new center pin and new clutch pack. $1599.95 each plus a $400.00 core charge which will be refunded when you return your core and it’s inspected. The core must be rebuild-able with all good components for a full core charge refund and returned within 30 days. Please refer to the core tab on the home page. You can avoid the core charge by sending us your differential to be rebuilt. Call for a quote on other gear ratios. We can build what you want!

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Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 17 × 12 in