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Removing trailing arms on a C2/C3 Corvette

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Blog, Trailing Arms

When attempting to remove trailing arms and the front bolt won’t budge here is a proven cure for what can be a timely and messy job. If you have an air chisel with a blunt or concave bit use that first. Sometimes just rattling the bolt will separate the bolt from the bushing sleeve. If not time for the air chisel. I use Diablo blades part # DS0908CF from the Home Depot for about $15.00. I always spray penetrating fluid in the front trailing arm pockets as soon as I know I’ll be attempting removal.

First remove the shim 5″ cotter pin. The cotter pin was used to hold the post 1969 corvette shims in place. Try and remove at least 1 shim from the car. If you can get the shim out then you will not have to cut through he shim pack and the bolt. Put the Sawzall  blade where the shim came out. You should be able to cut through the bolt quickly and cleanly. You will have to do the same thing the other side of the bushing. When working on 69 or older corvettes with double hole shims try and remove those as well.

Some times the shims are so rusty you can get them out for room for the Sawzall blade. If not you will end up cutting through the shim pack. When removing  the trailing arms always keep track of the number of shims that came out of each side of the bushing. This is a good starting point when reinstalling the trailing arms. I always recommend a PROFESSIONAL 4 wheel alignment once you have put some miles on the car.